3 Aesthetic Treatments for the Bride-to-be
Whether you’re the too-cool-to-care bride, or you’re the sort who has things planned out down to the very minute, being a bride is stressful business. Amidst all the prep for the ceremony, reception and even your honeymoon, you really shouldn’t forget about how you look like — beyond your dress, hair and makeup. After all, the canvas needs to be just perfect for everything to look just right. QM Medical is all set up to get you in tip top shape before your big day of course. Here are three treatments we’d recommend our bride-to-be clients to experience.

iShape III Fat Reduction
You’ve been burning major calories at the gym with your burpees and bootcamps and you’re really not feeling wearing a Spanx at your reception? We feel you. Sometimes, you need just a little more help. Our iShape III Fat Reduction treatment is perfect for spot fat reduction, something impossible to achieve using exercise. Shape up body contours and lose fat in localized areas, including the abdomen, love handles (flanks) and saddlebags.

Acne Removal
You’re going to be taking a lot of photos on your wedding day and whether you like it or not, despite the makeup, your skin is going to be the centre of attention. Reveal radiant and glowing skin with EstheLED Acne treatment that is set to stimulate collagen, refine pores, brighten the skin, slow down aging process, and smoothen the skin all in one go. We promise, they’ll be talking about your bridal glow for years to come.

Permanent Hair Removal
Wearing a strapless gown? You’re going to look absolutely fabulous! Forget worrying about underarm stubble on the day of your wedding, or even if you’ve missed stray hairs while shaving. Our permanent hair removal treatment is a quick process thanks to our Permanent Pulse technology, taking only 5 to 10 minutes for the underarms each time.

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