Boost your body confidence with these 4 painless and effective treatments to
4 painless and effective treatments to boost your body confidence
In this day in age, there are seemingly millions of health, wellness and beauty treatments to choose from. Whether you want to look younger, lose weight, remove imperfections, or find inner peace, there is something for everyone.
Sometimes it’s tough to know where to start, so that’s where we come in. QM Medical  want to share with you 4 painless and effective treatments to boost your body confidence:

  • Fat freezing: We all have areas where pesky fat deposits build up, whether it be on our stomach, thighs, or arms. The good news is there is non-invasive, painless treatment that can get rid of fat. There are just some areas of fat exercise and healthy eating can’t get rid of. Patients see visible results after just one treatment, and there is minimal downtown. Get the contoured body you’ve always dreamed of—in just 60 minutes and boost your body confidence!

  • Cellulite removal: The majority of us have cellulite. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it certainly can be annoying. Cellulite can occur in the legs, arms, stomach, or buttocks, and usually looks like lumpy “cottage cheese” skin. Anyone can have cellulite—it doesn’t matter what your height or weight is. Sometimes cellulite is more noticeable as you age or gain weight. You are beautiful no matter what—cellulite or not. But we also understand if you don’t feel comfortable with cellulite and are looking for a non-invasive and effective way to rid of it. Our RF Vacuum Anti-Cellulite uses innovative radiofrequency technology that shrinks fat cells and smooths and tightens the skin. Patients usually see results after just one session, and there is zero pain.

  • Stretch Marks Removal: Just like cellulite, stretch marks are a symbol of a life well lived. Stretch marks can affect anyone, and usually happen after an area of your body gains and loses weight. Stretch marks can occur after your stomach expands and shrinks after pregnancy, or, if you are working out more or trying to lose weight. Many people have stretch marks, including celebrities and super models. There is no reason to be ashamed of them, but if you want them gone, we have the perfect treatment. Our co2 fractional Stretch Marks Reduction and to regenerate skin cells, improve tone and elasticity, and erase stretch marks. Patients typically see a 50-80% improvement of their stretch marks.

  • Skin tightening: Saggy skin can result from giving birth, losing weight, or just sometimes we have saggy skin! Each and every one of us have areas of our body we’d like to change, and that is ok. If you want to tighten your skin, we have the optimal procedure: HIFU technology. We use HIFU technology that boosts collagen, reduces cellulite, and helps sculpt and contour your skin. Just like all of our procedures, our sculpting treatment is pain-free and shows results after the first treatment.
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