Can diode laser lipolysis slimming Treatment really eliminate your stubborn fat?
As we all know, stubborn fat is an aggravating and annoying problem. For countless patients, stubborn fat is the only thing standing between them and the body they have always wanted. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of stubborn fat is that it can be extremely difficult or even impossible to get rid of. Even while maintaining a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, most people have persistent pockets of fat that won’t disappear.
Diode laser lipolysis slimming is FDA-approved for non-invasive stubborn fat loss. Diode laser lipolysis slimming is a method of targeting stubborn areas—we’re talking belly fat, back fat, inner thigh squish, and the like—with lasers. In short, the procedure heats fat cells to the point of injury. Then the body’s immune system clears the body of these cells. As a result, the treated area shrinks. The procedure is said to be best for already-active people and is marketed as only mildly uncomfortable. This 1060nm wavelength technology can be tailored to your individual comfort level. Nearly every patient can tolerate the lower power settings, but a higher energy delivery can create more dramatic results. There are virtually no side effects, no incisions and no risk of infection or scarring. Diode laser lipolysis slimming can be used to firm and tone the arms, belly, flanks and thighs, anyplace where stubborn fat is causing a problem. It is also approved for no-downtime treatment of the double chin or submental area. It works for all body shapes and sizes, and for all skin tones.
The diode laser lipolysis slimming fat reduction treatment utilizes light-based technology to target and eliminate your body’s fat cells around your abdomen, love handles, back, double chin, and inner and outer thighs. When the non-invasive diode laser lipolysis slimming applicator is applied to the surface of the patient’s skin, warming and cooling sensations can be felt, none of which are painful or will harm the skin. Applicators will be placed on your desired treatment area to administer light-based energy to melt 24% of fat in only 25-30 minutes. In the weeks following the treatment your body will naturally flush away the injured fat cells through your lymphatic system, resulting in a slimmer appearance.
An ideal candidate is someone who has localized, stubborn areas of fat that do not respond to diet or exercise. Diode laser lipolysis slimming can be customized to a personal treatment plan that addresses the problem spots of stubborn fat that concern you. During a session, The heat from the laser damages your fat cells, and, over time, your lymphatic system removes these damaged cells from your body. Diode laser lipolysis slimming  delivers a laser treatment that reaches a temperature is hot enough to permanently kill fat cells while leaving your skin and other tissues unharmed. With the time needed for each treatment approximately 25-30minutes, multiple areas can be treated in a single office visit. You will start to see results in as early as 6 weeks post-treatment when the body begins to process the injured fat cells, optimal results can be seen at 12 weeks. The fat cells injured are destroyed during the diode laser lipolysis slimming treatment and don’t grow back.
The innovative, energy-based technology selectively targets and destroys fat cells without surgery or downtime. It is a comfortable and convenient procedure for any body or skin type. This treatments help you safely reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the belly, love handles, back and thighs — with a treatment plan that is customized to the results you desire. If you are a patient who who are unable to have surgery, don’t want surgery, or are unable to have any downtime. Or no matter how hard you diet and exercise, stubborn fat is still there. Or you are a patient who wants to improve the irregular areas of the previous liposuction or other plastic surgery. Diode laser lipolysis slimming is a very good choice.

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