Can EMS Procedure Really Give You Abs?
Diet and exercise is always the essential maintenance component of any muscle stimulation and/or fat removal treatment. However, sometime even if you control your diet and exercise properly, some stubborn fat will not disappear. If you want to transform your appearance by sculpting muscle, firming belly flab,tight buttocks as well as reducing fat, and having the perfect vest line, EMS may be right for you.

EMS achieves its effect with the use of high intensity focused electromagnetic energy delivered through one or two applicators which are applied directly to the treatment area. The delivery of the energy causes an extreme or supramaximal contraction of the muscle which is repeated over the 30 minute session each session works the muscle with an intensity comparable to twenty thousand crunches or squats to stress the muscle fibers and stimulate new muscle development. The extreme energy demands of the muscle causes injury to the surrounding fat cells which then die and are absorbed by the body. FDA cleared EMS can be used to tone firm build muscle contour the abdomen buttocks thighs arms and calves EMS treatment consists of four sessions of 30 minutes each spaced two to three days apart over a two week time. EMS is providing an ideal alternative to liposuction and the first non-surgical buttock toning, firming belly flab, shape the waist treatment. In addition, this scientifically proven treatment is quick, painless and non-invasive. This means that healthy adults can finally reduce their waistlines and build muscle without surgery or downtime. With EMS treatments, you can receive the body contouring results you want without the downtime of a major invasive procedure. If you are experiencing some stubborn, unwanted fat in your stomach or buttocks, EMS may be the procedure for you.

The best candidates are the ones who are already physically active and are close to their target weight and need an extra “boost” to eliminate excess fat and create those enviable abs we see on the cover of magazines or TV commercials. During the EMS treatment, a customer then lies down with a paddle-like device, which sort of resembles a small steam iron, strapped to their stomach or butt, according to the target area. EMS’s electromagnetic technology then induces supramaximal contractions that feel like you’re doing crunches or lunges, depending on the placement. the applicators place directly on the skin of the area being treated and the energy gradually increase to your tolerance. This is not painful but initially feels like a buzzing vibration then a mild muscle contraction and finally a pronounced tightening of the muscle the pulsing pattern of the energy waves varies to both work the muscle intensely and allow for moving lactic acid out as lactic acid causes muscle soreness. Therefore the muscle does not become sore while not painful. The sensation of EMS treatment does take a few minutes to get used to a mild feeling of tightness might be noted after treatment. You can begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment; however, positive results are seen two to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments.

EMS burns fat and builds muscle to sculpt your body shap, allowing you to achieve fitness goals that otherwise remain out of reach. What’s more, for cellulite, it may not be the most effective treatment metod. EMS is ideal for customers who are wanting to eliminate small amounts of stubborn fat and contour their body without the downtime or scarring associated with more invasive fat reduction procedures. It is beneficial for both men and women who are wanting to sculpt their stomach or buttocks even abs for a more toned appearance. EMS stimulates muscle building and tissue remodeling at a level that is impossible to achieve through exercise alone. Combined with impressive fat reduction at the treatment area, EMS results in a slimmer, more sculpted appearance.
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