Fat loss body treatments to get you ready for your dream wedding
We all strive for perfection, especially on our wedding day. Yes, we know our other halves love us no matter how we look! But looking back on your special day, you’ll want to know you looked your best on the happiest day of your life.
Let QM Medical help you to look and feel divine on your wedding day – sans effort.

1. Get streamlined with our fat-loss body treatment
QM Medical combines body contouring and body sculpting for a slimmer, shapelier you in our award-winning Intensive Body Perfection Programme. Small pockets of stubborn fats, especially around the tummy, thighs and lower back, are targeted with this multi-pronged, intensive treatment.
Just like a bootcamp, this treatment programme combines two different, zero-pain aesthetic technologies – lipocavitation (using ultrasound waves) and thermo-controlled radio frequency – to melt away stubborn lumps and bumps.
A series of twice-weekly treatments over three weeks is recommended for visible results. Expect your figure to look shapelier, more streamlined and sensationally supple.

2. Flabby belly begone with fat freezing!
Even with regular workouts and eating well, that stubborn flab can be prominent – especially on your lower belly where fatty deposits seem immovable!
Eliminating excess fat is made easy with Cryolipolysis, a non-surgical fat freezing procedure proven to reduce fat deposits by up to 30% in the treated areas.
Ground-breaking cryolipolysis technology is not only pain-free, but also treats multiple areas simultaneously. Flabby bellies are visibly reduced in just one session with no soreness and downtime.
3. Cellulite removal for sexy smooth skin!
Finally! You have found the perfect wedding dress. The stress should be over, but brides-to-be often struggle with body confidence coming up to the big day. You have a vision of how you want to look, and lumpy tummy, thighs and buttocks are probably not a part of the picture!

You can enjoy slipping into your dream satin gown with the utmost confidence. Expect smoother, firmer skin with a noticeable reduction in cellulite after just one session!
Not only does this effective cellulite removal treatment eradicate orange-peel skin, it also speeds up your metabolism and works as a powerful collagen booster. You’ll experience skin tightening and firming results, which make for sleek and sexy curves in your wedding dress!
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