How Intensive Body Perfection Programme can slim & shape your body in 3 weeks.
Let’s face it: We all have areas of our body that annoy us.
Even though it’s important to love our bodies, sometimes we have some stubborn fat deposits, loose skin, or cellulite we’d love to kick to the curb.
The good news is: You don’t have to live with fat, cellulite, or loose skin anymore.
Presenting our Intensive Body Perfection Programme—an instant bootcamp for your body.  
Our innovative treatment slims and shapes your body in just three weeks.
Here’s how it works: A combined treatment of lipocavitation ultrasound therapy and thermo-controlled radiofrequency therapy burns off deep fat cells and pushes collagen to the surface. This gives your body a smooth and slim look in no time.
The lipocavitation ultrasound treatment uses ultrasound and cavitation technologies to break down fat cells without damaging other tissues (a very efficient fat reduction technology!). The thermo-controlled radiofrequency treatment uses heat to boost collagen, and improve firmness and elasticity (The best body non-invasive body shaping technology).
Our Intensive Body Perfection Programme:
–Is pain-free & comfortable
–Is non-invasive (unlike plastic surgery)
–Is 100% safe
–Offers quick turnaround time (get results in as little as 3 weeks)
–Offers dramatic, long-lasting results you’ll love
Who Intensive Body Perfection Programme is good for:
–Anyone with loose skin from weight loss or pregnancy
–Anyone who wants to define their skin and get rid of that cottage cheese look on limbs or torso
–Anyone who wants to tighten their skin as they age
–Anyone whose lived with fatty deposits or cellulite for years and want them gone
To slim & shape your body effectively we recommend every patient participate in 6 to 10 sessions for optimal results.
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