How To Age With Style
Aging gracefully is an art form. Do a little too much and you’ll look like you’ve been trying too hard, and do too little and it’s like you’re not trying at all. Research shows that your genes only make up 25 % of the visible signs of aging, and the rest are dependant on your lifestyle. Here are some tips and tricks you can adopt in your everyday life to make aging effortless.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure
To some extent there’s no avoiding the lines and wrinkles that accompany aging. But if you’re getting too many rays without protection, you may be severely damaging your skin. Studies have shown applying sunscreen can protect your skin from wrinkles, sun spots, and loss of firmness or elasticity.

Get Movin’
Penn State university scientists have discovered that human levels of serotonin in the brain your transmitter that regulates mood appetite, sleep and blood pressure naturally decreases with age. Luckily exercise is it excellent way to give it a boost. Make it a habit to add exercise is your daily regimen, whether it’s a brisk walk or swim.

Check your preconceived notions at the door
Each generation is conditioned through TV, books movies and other expects of culture about what people should act look and feel like as they grow older. we incorporate these beliefs in our subconscious and they become factors that control how our genes work. The bottom line if you think you’re old you’ll act and look old too.

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