How to get your dream bikini body in a jiffy?
There’s no time to waste in getting your body bikini-ready.  The infamous “muffin top” syndrome or a flabby belly are some of the top reasons that cause women to avoid donning a sexy two-piece bikini. Unsightly cellulite and the hassle of having to shave or wax also cause women to dread bikini season.
Fret not! QM Medical is here to the rescue. Get your dream bikini body effortlessly with these highly effective, non-invasive body contouring and slimming treatments; and flaunt that sexy new two-piece at your next beach getaway!

1. Freeze Away Hidden Pockets of Fat
Self-conscious about a wobbly belly or love handles?Get introduced to our Cryolipolysis Treatment.  
With a precise controlled cooling technology that is exclusive to QM Medical, fat cells are rapidly cooled to below freezing temperatures, which causes them to gradually disperse and die off – permanently! Within two months after just one session, you’ll be sure to see visibly slimmer and streamlined contours. And past, what’s even better is that you can treat multiple areas in a single session for maximum efficiency.

2. Erase unsightly stretch marks
Stretch marks can be incredibly vexing, as they often occur on the belly, back and thighs, which are areas that are hard to conceal in a swimsuit. These silvery or whitish scars are caused by the skin stretching to accommodate rapid bodily growth, commonly during pregnancy or weight gain.  
Stretch mark creams and regular stretch mark treatments have limited visible effect, especially if the scars have been there for some time.  
Which is why QM Medical has introduced the new Intensive Stretch Mark Treatment. Co2 fractional laser to firm skin tissues, while encouraging cellular repair and collagen and elastin production.  
What this means is that you will see visible results with just a few sessions – scars are smoothened, reduced and visibly lightened. So you can ditch that cover-up and bare your skin with confidence.

3. Remove unwanted hair from anywhere on your body
Planning for a last-minute resort getaway, but realised that you’ve forgotten to book yourself in for a waxing session? Have you ever been frustrated by painful in-grown hair after a shave pre-swim?
Rid yourself of all these unwanted hair woes forever with QM Medical’s Silky Smooth IPL Permanent Hair Removal Treatment. Whether it’s your limbs, back, underarms or bikini line, unwanted hair growth can be easily and painlessly removed – permanently – with just 6 to 10 sessions.
Our IPL technology not only works quickly (just 10 minutes is required for underarms treatment), but is also ultra-effective and utterly pain-free to boot. Imagine ditching your tweezers, razors or epilators for good – and jumping into the pool at a moment’s notice. Bliss!

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