Insider facts about Cryolipolysis you may not have heard before
Stubborn fat can accumulate in both men and women of all ages. Even with regular exercise and diet, the stubborn fat may stay in this area, which can be very disheartening. For men, it’s the beer belly, surgery, medication; for women, it’s after pregnancy, medication, hormone change, and more. But thankfully,  Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing technology helps customers achieve flatter stomachs, flatter abs that they can’t sculpt through further exercise, and boost body confidence in all genders and ages.
First things first: What is Cryolipolysis? It is described as a “fat-freezing fat reduction” procedure. It’s non-invasive and has minimal downtime. It is a painless alternative to liposuction. Scientifically known as cryolipolysis, the process involves using a vacuum-like applicator to suction targeted areas of fat. Then it deep freezes your fat cells, which eventually causes them to die and be naturally expelled via your lymphatic system.

Cryolipolysis is the pain-free fat freezing treatment 

Cryolipolysis is definitely a lot more comfortable as the Cryolipolysis suction is ways more powerful and ‘sucks’ up the fatty area in one go, which can be pretty shocking. The suction of the Cryolipolysis handpieces is gradual, which makes the whole experience enjoyable and relaxing.
Not convinced enough? Let’s hear what our happy customer thought about it:
1.Cryolipolysis targets not just the belly fat
When it comes to body slimming treatment, people always think that only the belly or stomach is the most popular treated area. How’s about the rest? The answer is with  cryolipolysis, any localized and excess fat deposits in areas such as the abdomen, back, hips, inner thighs, buttocks, or lower back, i.e., ‘saddlebags’, can be treated as well.
2.Got more than two areas? No problem!  you can do even more at the same time!
Cryolipolysis is by far the most effective fat freeze treatment. Our advanced technology can treat multiple areas simultaneously. This is time-efficient, especially if you are planning to treat both of your left and right body parts. Thanks to cryolipolysis, you can finally say goodbye to the most stubborn fat for good!
3.The treated area may feel like a chilled chicken thigh.
Immediately after treatment, the areas will, of course, feel colder, but it rarely freezes solid. The skin will be pink for a while, but this will last for between 30 to 60 minutes after. There is no recovery time because there is no damage to the skin or tissue. With cryolipolysis, you’re in good hands. There is no pain, only results.  
4.With cryolipolysis Fat Freezing treatment, our body clears the frozen fat cells effectively.
Our body is really good at making sure we don’t have cells we no longer need left around and break them down after being frozen during treatment. Researchers found that people lost an average of 14.67 to 28.5 percent of the fat in areas treated by cryolipolysis, which is ways more effective comparing with other body contouring treatments.
5.Yes, We do pee away the fat cells!
Peeing, pooping, sweating, and breathing are all part of the natural process of ridding ourselves of waste. The fat cells that are killed by the treatment is disposed through the lymphatic system. There are no major health risk factors associated with the procedure. There was no reduction in liver function or lipid levels, meaning that cryolipolysis treatment is purely a non-invasive and 100% safe procedure.
6.Dramatic results after time:
Using cryolipolysis treatment can achieve a dramatic, permanent removal of fat cells in the treated area of up to 30%.
It will take four to six weeks for the damaged fat cells to be fully eradicated from the body via the natural lymphatic drainage system. The treatment can be repeated 1 to 2 months after the first session, with clients experiencing a visible reduction of fatty tissues in the treated area. Expect visible results from the first session and maybe drop 1 or 2 size clothing!
7.No downtime
Our cutting-edge technology, Cryolipolysis treatment, is a groundbreaking cryolipolysis procedure that is dramatically more comfortable than existing treatments. A unique suction method that draws up fatty tissues gradually means the treatment is comfortable and pain-free.
Downtime post-treatment is minimal, with only slight tingling and a mild pins and needles sensation in the treated area as nerves in the skin recover from the freezing process. That is to say, there are absolutely no restrictions on post-treatment activity so that you can go straight to the yoga studio or a swim afterward.

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