▶ Hair removal
▶ Skin rejuvenation
▶ Pigments removal
▶ Acnes Removal
▶ Vascular Removal
▶ Wrinkle removal
Technical Specifications
Intense Pulse Light(“IPL”) used broad spectrum of white light and with filters to marrow the spectrum to target specfic chromophores and structures. 

IPL is a non-invasive skin treatment that emits powerful bursts of light energy to treat unwanted hair, sun damaged skin, and wrinkles, etc. without damaging the surface of your skin, IPL systems use flash xenon lamps to emit micro pulses of light across a broad band of visible wavelengths. 

IPL work by using particular wavelengths of light that is called by melanin which colors the hair and brown skin and black. Since melanin absorbs light to be warm or hot, that the production of cells called melanocytes and melanin are denatured more produce more melanin. By using gentle pulses of light momentarily to create heat, IPL can permanently disable hair follicles, preventing hair follicles` future growth. The melanin in the hair (which gives it its colour) absorbs the light, which is then converted into heat. This heat is transferred to the growth cells surrounding the root of the hair, disabling them. By the IPL, pigments are Shattered and eliminated out of body via metabolism. At the same time, IPL also helps increase collagen production, which rejuvenates the skin leading to a more youthful, radiant, bright and few fine wrinkle skin. The light with long wavelength can pass through epidermis to the hair follicles deep underneath the skin. At the targeted area, IPL occurs heating to destroy follicles and hair structures leading to permanent hair removal.
The Operation Screen is adjustable 
which can be laid down as a PC

Technical Specifications

ModelIPL QM-100E-light QM-100SHR QM-100
IPL Peak Power1400W1400W2000W
Wavelength (Spectrum)430/430/640—1200nm430/530/640—1200nm
480/560/590/690/750-1200nm for option
Energy Density (Fluence)10-60J/cm210-60J/cm21-26J/cm2
Spot Size8*40mm15*50mm(Standard)
Pulse Repetition Rate0.5-2Hz0.5-2Hz1-10Hz
Pulse Duration1-50ms1-50ms1-15ms
Pulses1-61-6Single Pulse
Cooling+Continuous Crystal contact cooling(-5℃~1℃)
+Air cooling
+Closed water circulation cooling
+Continuous Crystal contact cooling(-5℃~1℃)
+Air cooling
+Closed water circulation cooling
+Continuous Crystal contact cooling(-5℃~1℃)
+Air cooling
+Closed water circulation cooling
Stand-by Working20 hours20 hours20 hours
Display8.4″ True Color LCD Touch Screen8.4″ True Color LCD Touch Screen10.4″ True Color LCD Touch Screen
Electrical Requirements110/230VAC, 15/20A max., 50/60Hz110/230VAC, 15/20A max., 50/60Hz110/230VAC, 15/20A max., 50/60Hz
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Skin Rejunvenation System