Shannon Curry and her first experience with IPL treatments
IPL Hair Removal
– It was almost certainly no pain at all. Discomfort is to the minimum.
– What I felt most satisfying, could be none other than a visible result after the first treatment.
– With Patented Technology, the result was almost instant from the smoothness of the skin to lesser hair growth or lower hair growth pace.
– Its service is of top-notch quality. Making sure in guiding each customer to have their optimum treatment for the best results.
– But best of all, you may have FREE Consultation with Beauty Experts. You may ask to your heart’s content and the beauty experts will assess what you need and guide you step by step to your desired outcome.

The Process of Treatment
Shave a day before the treatment is necessary for optimal treatment speed. The soothing gel will be applied before using intense pulsed light (IPL) Laser on the skin surface. It creates a cooling sensation effect, smooth, and followed by a little bit of heat (do not be afraid as the heat is bearable for those who have low pain tolerance)

A number of sessions will be highly recommended to you for optimal results. However, if you have a tight schedule like me, I have decided to proceed with one session every month which works amazingly. Hair growth becomes moderately slower after treatment when I’m able to wear more sleeveless tops during these days.
The Process of Treatment
– Removal of makeup by beautician
– Gel Application
– Start with IPL Laser
– Extra Vitamins for glowing skin finished

By emitting high-intensity pulses of light in several passes over the skin, it promotes increased collagen production to smoothen and refine skin, shrink enlarged pores and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, skin restores its youthful appearance to look more refined and radiant. But it should not stop there. To maximize the skin, we would still need to be consistent in applying skincare and moisturizer to keep the results optimized.

– Smoother & Radiant Face
– Removed uneven skin (primarily on jaw areas & forehead)
– Skin looks healthier and younger
– Instant result (comparing to skincare where it could take weeks or months)

I am much more confident now with my skin when I meet clients across my career line. It gave me a whole new level of a clean look performance. The experience and service was an enjoyable journey. I did not just gain the result but also learned a lot about my skin conditions. Radiant skin gives me confidence. I believe that our skin is an investment for every woman, so it’s your turn to experience it and share how you feel. 

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