The Only Real Way to Say Goodbye to Your Stretchmarks
Let’s start off with a (not so) fun fact: For many of us, taking care of our necks probably means drawing down whatever product we’re already using on our face.

Unfortunately, we all have to admit that the skincare regime only extends to our face, and we tend to completely ignore the fact that our neck needs as much care too. While your face is undoubtedly prone to wrinkles and other forms of premature aging, the skin beneath your chin is just as susceptible to forming fine lines. Here’s why it is really important to extend the routine beyond your face, in this case, to your neck!

Because neck is the first place to show you’re aging!

In the early and teenage years of your life, a lot of damage has already been caused in this area because the skin in this area is fragile. This is why this area is very susceptible to skin damage.

The skin in the neck is not just thin. It is also very sensitive. Hence, it’s important to take care of the neck from an early age as this will ensure that the skin remains taut and plump. Also, the platysma muscles are particularly prone to sagging. Platysma muscles aren’t connected directly to any bone to hold them up, so they are very easy to be affected by gravity and the aging process.

Besides this being a natural part of aging, it can occur much faster with more direct sunshine exposure (UV light). A person’s neck can record a great deal of sun exposure and UV damage, especially on the sides and lower part. Scary enough?

But wait, That’s not all.

While neck wrinkles have actually always been a thing that we are all suffering from, there is a completely new phenomenon called “tech neck” that’s top of mind for many. It’s a term that helps to explain the wrinkles that form from continuously staring at our phones and screens. Basically, we’re all looking down a lot more than people have in the past, and it’s beginning to become a trend or a phenomenon.

So, how to treat neck wrinkles effectively?

1. SPF is a must
First things first: Always wear sunscreen! Most people forget to wear sunscreen when wearing V-neck shirts, even if they put sunscreen on their face. Using good sunscreen will protect the delicate skin of your neck and  against the sun. Take care of your neck like the rest of your body!
2. Exfoliate!
Remember this, anywhere on your body can accumulate dead skin cells and your neck, is not exceptional. As a result, the skin around this area will look rougher (and older) than they are. A gentle exfoliation weekly to promote circulation and prepare your skin for moisturizer is a must to avoid this.

3. Moisturise more and more.
Hydrating the skin in this area is key, as the more hydrated the skin is, the more healthy and radiant it will appear.

4. Stop looking down at your phone so much.
We all do it—it’s undeniable. However, this could be making our neck skin droop—despite the skincare regimen we employ. To help prevent this, when possible, it is best to avoid looking down at your computer or phone and try to bring the phone up towards your face. Additionally, there is a concern that blue light exposure may contribute to free radical damage and lead to hyperpigmentation and dark spots.”

5. Aesthetics Treatments
At the end of the day, over-the-counter skin care products can only do so much. If your neck need a bit more help, it’s time to go for the help of Aesthetic treatments.

QM Medical offers non-invasive treatments with long-lasting results that can dramatically improve the appearance of your neck.
Using thermo-controlled radiofrequency technology that penetrates deep into the skin for collagen stimulation and skin tightening, Carbon Hydra collagen-boosting facial treatment will firm your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles without the need for surgery. Visible result can be seen from the very first session and expect your skin to get more and more youthful!

If you are looking for treatments to help hydrate your neck area skin, Carbon Hydra is always the first on the list. It is a unique, multi-step treatment that combines the benefits of next-level hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions, and a unique infusion of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can help to not only draw in moisture, but can visibly plump and hydrate the skin, improving the appearance of fine lines.

There’s no post-procedure downtime, and you will begin to see results, even after the first session. It’s time to reduce the signs of aging and restore your youth with our non-invasive face and neck treatments.

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