Things you always want to know about Hair Removal – but Never Asked
We’ve all had our troubles when it comes to the battle against body hair — and we may even have taken some extreme measures at times and IPL Permanent Hair Removal is not exceptional! We totally got it! It’s time to know fact from fiction regarding this popular technique of permanent hair removal can make the whole experience smoother and of course easier!
Why there is no numbing cream applied during QM Medical’s IPL Permanent Hair Removal? Is it painful?  
Unlike the static nature of the traditional IPL system, which delivers intense pulsed light in one sudden zap, QM Medical uses a handpiece that is constantly swept across the skin at a high repetition rate, it gradually raises the heat of the dermis to the temperature needed to damage the hair follicle, preventing regrowth effectively while not injuring surrounding tissue.
Simultaneously, cooling gel is also applied to the treated area for a smooth glide and uniform diffusion of the pulsed light. By using the No pain system, QM Medical can administer a pain-free hair removal treatment to our customers.
Are there any side effects that are so obvious that everyone will notice that I got IPL Hair Removal?
No, not at all! QM Medical’s No Pain System SHR doesn’t cause any trauma to your skin, making it the safest IPL hair removal option for all skin types, even for dark or tanned skin. It can also be performed at any time throughout the year.
Moreover, all of our treatments at QM Medical are designed to fit in with our clients’ busy lifestyles so you can immediately resume all your normal activities after your session.
Do I need to let my hair grow before the treatment? 
If you are a newbie to IPL Hair Removal, there is one thing that we always remind our customers at QM Medical to shave 2 days before their Permanent IPL Hair Removal treatments. You need a small amount of hair visible on the surface of the skin for the IPL light to effectively destroy the follicle. Shaving the area being treated will help the laser focus beneath the skin and improve the results. If the hair is too long on the surface, a lot less light energy makes it deep into the follicle. Strictly no waxing or plucking beforehand!
What styles of bikini hair removal should I go for? 
This is heavily dependent on your personal preference. You can have as much area or as little as you want to be treated.
At QM Medical, we offer 4 different styles of IPL Permanent Bikini Hair Removal.

  • The Bikini Line Style: A bikini line style only removes the sides of your bikini anything that is shown outside of a regular bikini coverage.
     When to choose: If you’re just looking for some light housekeeping, a regular bikini will do the trick.
  • The Extended Bikini Line Style: The Extend Bikini takes the bikini line’s sides deeper than a regular bikini line. It can also include removing some hair on top to make a more defined ‘triangle’ area while trimming down leftover hair.
    When to choose: If you still want to keep some hair but want more definition and hair removed deeper into the bikini line than a clean-up, this is the right style for you.
  • The Brazilian Bikini Style: The Brazilian bikini style is similar to the extended bikini line at the front. However, it also includes the process of removing the hair on the labia area  
    When to choose: This is the perfect option if you wear a thong or want to be completely or almost hairless in the front and back.
  • The Full Bikini Style: While a Brazilian may leave you with some hair left, Full bikini IPL hair removal will remove all of the hair at the frontal, plus labia area!
    When to choose: Get the Full Bikini if you are certain that you don’t want any hair in the front, in-between, or the back.
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