Which Hair Removal method is best for you?
Personal grooming choices are, well, personal—especially when it comes to hair removal. While there is no “right” way to go about it, or do it at all, many people opt for services with high quality that cause the least pain-filled yelps as possible. That’s why IPL Hair Removal has seen a rise in the beauty industry, due to its fast and effective appeal. But how does it compare to other traditional methods, and which one is better in the long run? Here, we get to the bottom of hair removal from A to Z to give you the best insight!
This is no doubt the most popular way for hair removal since it is accessibly easy and cost effective, especially when you’re in a hurry! No appointment or professional needed, everything can be done at home! By cutting the root at the surface of your skin.
Best for: Legs, underarms, and arms.
Safety concerns: Irritation, razor bumps or ingrown hair are something that you might face often with this method of hair removal. Nicks and cuts are occasional as well if you are not careful enough.
Effectiveness: As shaving only cuts the hair above the skin, it will grow back quickly so you might need to shave again within few days. However, hair removal with razors can also cause pigmented skin cells to multiply faster than usual. The reason for this is continuous friction which forces skin cells to turn dark than the rest of the skin.
This is a good option if you are planning to stay stubble-free for approximately 3 to 4 weeks
Waxing can easily (but painfully) remove the hair along with the root so you can stay silky-smooth without worrying the hair will grow back like shaving.
Best for: Small areas such as upper lips, eyebrows (sound familiar?!), underarms and bikini area.
Safety concerns: If you are one of the handful of brave souls will wax themselves at home, prep yourself for some pain, especially along dedicated areas. Waxing leaves pores exposed, allowing bacteria enter easily. Hence, you might face some problems with redness, irritation, skin damage and even ingrown hair. Sometimes, hyperpigmentation might happen as skin becomes darker.
Effectiveness: It is definitely longer than shaving, can be up to four weeks! However, do consider all the cons!
By using chemicals to dissolve hair in a matter of minutes, this technique will leave your skin with smooth limbs.
Best for: Legs, Bikini Areas and small areas like chin or upper lips
Safety concerns: The chemicals does have an ugly side, though, especially if you have sensitive skin. Redness and irritation might occur. Don’t say we never warn you!
Effectiveness: This technique doesn’t last as long as waxing. However, they do last longer than shaving.
With sugaring, you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin each time—always sugar, lemon, and water – all natural. The paste is touch the skin–going against the direction of hair growth–and then done within the direction of hair growth, making it less painful than waxing.
Best for: most of the body parts can be treated with sugaring
Safety concerns: Sugaring paste contains only natural ingredients and typically doesn’t have added preservatives or fragrance, so it’s safe, even for sensitive skin. But because sugaring involves pulling the hair in the direction it grows, it might not extract the entire hair like a traditional wax would. While sugaring is a gentler process, sometimes people need that extra power (especially those with thicker hair); if sugaring is unable to extract coarser hair cleanly from the root, it might actually lead to hair breakage and ingrowns, in addition to faster regrowth.
Effectiveness: if the process is done correctly, the result can last up to 4 weeks

This method can be done by using thread to grab and take away hair by the root.
Best for: Small areas especially the eyebrows and upper lip
Safety concerns: Even though threading is incredibly sanitary and safe, it can leave you with some cut and irritation if the therapist doesn’t do it carefully. This is quite dangerous as threading is usually be done on dedicated area, like your eye’s area.
Effectiveness: Results last up to 6 weeks.
QM Medical, our exclusive No Pain System (NPS) technology, makes permanent hair removal procedures completely painless and safe. Our patented permanent hair removal technology is twice as fast as traditional IPL and is suitable on all skin types of all genders, even the darkest ones. Instead of using the traditional IPL technologies which use the painful and less efficient “counting zaps method”, NPS gradually heats the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth. IPL Hair Removal now is as twice as fast with visible results from the first session.

Best for: IPL Hair Removal can be used to treat any parts of the body.
Safety concerns: By using the latest generation of IPL Hair Removal technology, QM Medical is able to administer a totally painless and zero downtime process without the help of numbing cream.
Effectiveness: QM Medical’s IPL Permanent Hair Removal treatment is effective and safe for all skin types of all genders, with minimal risks even for the darkest skin. Improvements are noticed by most clients after the first few treatments, with noticeably less hair and slower regrowth. Longer-lasting results become increasingly visible after each treatment.
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