Why combining multiple facial treatments is most effective?
Sometimes we are asked why combining multiple facial treatments is most effective. The answer is a resounding yes! Not only are multiple treatments at once safe, it’s a more efficient way to see long-lasting results.
Why combining multiple facial treatments is most effective
Here are just a few of the combination treatments we recommend:
Instant Youth: Our Facial treatment stimulates collagen growth and leaves your skin looking tighter and firmer by using thermo-controlled radiofrequency. This treatment is completely pain-free and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles AND improves contour around your eyes and face. Our Soothe and Glow LED Photomodulation treatment uses natural and variable wavelengths of light to regenerate cellular activity. While both treatments stimulate collagen growth, Soothe and Glow LED Photomodulation also brightens your skin and leaves it looking hydrated and glowing. Combined, these two treatments can target different layers of your skin and areas of your face to create a glowing, youthful complexion.
Intensive Acne Removal: Our Flawless Me IPL Acne Removal treatment is tailor-made to get rid of those pesky acne scars. By using IPL technology, this treatment not only diminishes pores and redness, it also helps refine pores and stimulate collagen. Our Soothe & Glow LED Photomodulation will purify your skin from acne-causing bacteria leaving a healthier and smoother complexion. Put these two treatments together, and you’ve got yourself a one-two punch of acne clearing AND scar healing.
Intense Glow: Our IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is one of our most popular treatments for a reason—it works wonders. Our clients see a dramatic reduction in pigmentation, redness, and pore size with this painless, non-invasive treatment. IPL technology combined with the LED Photomodulation treatment targets not just one, but a multitude of factors to restore your skin’s radiance, regenerate skin from the inside, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion in no time!
Painless, Safe and Non-Invasive facial treatments
All of our treatments are non-invasive, pain-free, require zero downtime, and are tailor-made for your specific needs. This is why combining multiple facial treatments is most effective.

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